Year 3

The third year of the lab brought further development to prototypes in action and three new teams into the fold. The Employer Process Team and the Internationally Educated Nurses Team both received dedicated support from the government of New Brunswick. The Community Engagement Team continued solid offerings to connect people in Fredericton and conducted a detailed study on how to reach a wider audience. Unfortunately the Capacity of Courage project did not receive funding for a second year but the teachers who were a part of the project continued to offer the programming. The network and connections made throughout the previous two years became more and more evident, with past participants staying in contact and new initiatives emerging. For example, Nicolas Bertrand, who was part of the first year and went on to work as Mackenzie College's international recruitment officer, is now working on private sector offering for settlement services.

The support provided by NouLAB for teams was strengthened by the work of Jules Maitland, a human centered design specialist who took a key role as a coordinator and convenor for the Employer Process Team and the Internationally Educated Nurses Team.

In May 2019 three new teams went through the five-day sprint process with the NouLAB team. The teams were: Rural Immigration Support, Foreign Credential Recognition and the Technology Action Group. These topics were chosen based on the need for deeper research in the province and the teams' interest in engaging with a new way of working. All teams came out with a deepened understanding of the issue and new connections to take them further in their respective work.

As of March 2020, the Foreign Credential Recognition Team is still active with resources provided from the NouLAB's prototype testing fund and support from the Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour. The Rural Immigration Support Team completed what they aimed to do with multiple public events. While the Technology Action Group had some early success with meeting and sharing resources, the team disbanded due to job changes.

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