Employer Process Team

Employer Immigration Account Manager Service (EIAMS) (April 2018 Intake)

How might we help small NB recruiters to navigate the immigration process effectively?

A streamlined process to allow employers and potential employees to navigate the government services they need to meet requirements for hiring and being hired in New Brunswick. The team is prototyping a concierge service for businesses to access to help guide them through the hiring process as one single point of contact, ideally making the process easier and quicker for both the employer and newcomer. The ability to streamline the process for hiring new employees from outside of Canada is essential for businesses to survive and thrive in New Brunswick.

STATUS: Ongoing

UPDATE: On July 25th the team presented their prototype and implementation plan to IRCC representatives, Louis Dumas - Director General of the Domestic Network, Elizabeth Stronach - Strategic Advisor and Claude Arbez - Assistant Director. The meeting progressed very well with PETL committing to support a trial of hiring one employee, a dedicated account manager, to provide concierge service to employers going through the immigration process. IRCC committed to support this account manager position with onboarding support and direct communication channels. Susan Wilson, Director, Immigration and Talent Acquisition for JDI explained how their detailed tracking system of hiring newcomers has shown that the longest part of the process is getting the paperwork filed from the newcomer and the employer. Once it is in IRCC’s hands, getting to approval is actually quite fast. Therefore this account manager’s concierge services would focus on helping the employer and newcomer make sure they have the right forms and have the information to complete them.

This prototype will be tested for 18 months, not necessarily as a way to scale a concierge service but to help identify bottlenecks, learn from and identify areas for improvement. NouLAB will assist as a project manager for this prototype and help support the account manager in capturing data and lessons learning from this experiment.


  • Susan Wilson - Director, Immigration and Talent Acquisition - J.D. Irving Ltd.

  • Denis Desjardins - International Recruitment Manager - J.D.Irving

  • Sherri Deveau - Consultant - Practical Human Resource Solutions Inc.

  • Stephen Chase - Manager, Settlement and Multiculturalism - PETL (GNB)

  • Elizabeth Stronach - Strategic Advisor - IRCC

  • Maurice Vautour - Program Consultant - PETL (GNB)

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