Labs have 4 primary outputs

Individual capacity for innovation

Individuals who complete a Social Innovation Lab process are trained with new capacities, skills, and the ability to replicate the lab’s approach to problem solving in their work and communities. The lab has an explicit goal of building capacity for public sector innovation.

Ideas ready for further development

At the end of the Lab, some promising ideas emerge. These are not yet solutions, but the best ideas are ready for further development. With additional supports and investments, these ideas may develop into breakthrough solutions, in the form of new services and infrastructure.

Content expertise

The lab stimulates new knowledge and learning about complex issues, a more comprehensive understanding of the context and dynamics at play, and builds awareness and readiness for the participants to tackle the challenge beyond the lab.

Networks and trust

Social Innovation Labs foster new networks, characterized by increased trust in collaboration. People leave the lab with new relationships and connections that allow their work to be more effective and lead change initiatives inside and outside of their organizations.

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