Match NB

How might we help the NB private sector to initiate an international hiring process?

This team prototyped a matching service for recently settled immigrants to find employers that need their skillset. Like Tinder for employee/ employer matches. Helping newcomers who are already here find jobs that are matched with their skillset and in so doing, prevent the ongoing loss to other provinces.

STATUS: Discontinued

UPDATE: While the need is still present to match newcomers settled in NB with jobs, this team has not continued to pursue this issue. It may, however be picked up in future cycles. Through connections made in the lab, team member Erika Cantu is now working with United Way as their Diversity Champion. She carried her learnings from this cycle 1 prototype into cycle II of the lab, where she is currently part of the Diversity Champions Team.


  • Erika Cantu - Owner - Steps2Canada

  • Steven Fecteau - HR Director - Sunnymel Foods

  • Rahma Kouraich - Consultant - Atlantic Human Services

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