Diversity Champions

(April 2018 Intake)

How might we create a stronger and more connected Parkton?

Focusing on one neighborhood in Greater Moncton with a high concentration newcomer residents, this team asked: How can we learn from this neighbourhood about what is needed for newcomers to better integrate? In the case of Parkton, a marginalised community in Moncton, there are issues with cross-cultural integration of the youth. Newcomers, sometimes refugees, are not understood and have a hard time integrating into New Brunswick and Canadian society. This team worked on solutions to bring youth together in sensitive ways to build a stronger understanding between local and newcomer cultures.

STATUS: Ongoing

UPDATE: The first prototype was developing a Neighborhood Association - however, this was found to be unwanted through user interviews. The team pivoted and took a new approach to community engagement with a community picnic, which was trialed on June 21st, 2018 with success. People from the community shared food and conversation about how they could improve their neighborhood and become more connected. Interest for a community council was expressed when discussed with people and more trials are being prepared. They used some of their prototype fund to provide materials for the picnic. At the picnic the team identified 9 community members, both Canadian-born and newcomers, who live in the Parkton area and who are now part of the Welcome Committee - Parkton Area. This Committee aims to welcome new neighbors and to organize more events in this area that will bring neighbors together.


  • Erika Cantu - Diversity Champion - United Way

  • Brandon Hilts - Youth Integration Coordinator - MAGMA

  • Rébécca Ethier - Education Manager - Boys and Girls Club of Moncton

  • Ashton Beardsworth - Director of Program ServicesBoys and Girls Club of Moncton

  • Angelique Reddy-Kalala - Immigration Strategy Officer - City of Moncton

  • Aaron Komondo - Program Consultant - PETL

  • Chantal Theriault - Corp. Plan. and Rep. Analyst - ACOA

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