50+ Stakeholders engaged at the grassroots

(As of August 2018)

Participants represented regions across the province from Edmunston to Bathurst to St Stephen

  • 40 organizations

  • 33 women

  • 21 men

  • 21 Anglophone New Brunswickers

  • 15 Francophone New Brunswickers

  • 12+ Countries

In the economic immigration challenge that is facing NB, there are many stakeholders. Settlement agencies, newcomers, and employers are not the only people who have a stake in solving this challenge. The economic wellbeing of the entire population of NB has a stake in seeing a reversal of the current immigration attraction and retention trends. The participants engaged in the lab process were representative of the many stakeholder groups in NB and this diversity was achieved through an intentional invitation process.

From Sept 2017 to May 2018, 55 people participated in the lab, representing the following groups:

95% of lab participants are committed to continuing to work on the immigration challenges of NB

“My prototype team did not get together, but I have continued the work by getting involved with the core working group for the broader GNB internship program for all graduates.”

“Immigration is critical for NB growth, it is reassuring to note that there is more interest than in the past years by various agencies.”

“I sense that there is more buy-in from gov't depts apart from Population Growth Division (GNB).”

100% of lab participants agree or strongly agree that they had the opportunity to meet and work with compelling people

“Knowing there was no fixed solution, the greatest value was working alongside people from different backgrounds and professions on a challenge that allowed us to be creative, innovative and fearless.”

“The greatest value of the lab was realizing that we are already on the right track, retention numbers in our region are improving, clients are more engaged, and we are aligned with our funders strategies.”

*Lab participant quotes

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