Newcomer to Influencer

How might we help GNB hire those who participated in the student employment experience development program over the last year to participate fully in the workplace?

The purpose of this prototype is to improve diversity in government employees and show a clear path between entry-level positions and upper management, regardless of background. This is meant to develop role models and diversity at all levels of government decision making. The prototype is focused on matching immigrants with jobs in the government through 1 year internships with the eventual goal of improving cultural diversity in government and providing a clear path from internship to upper management.

STATUS: Learning incorporated into government program

UPDATE: The prototype is being tested and will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. One of the interns recruited through the GNB internship program is an international student. The interns are being provided with additional training and support as required. Funding has been secured through GNB departmental budgets. The 15 new post-secondary graduates were recruited using an innovative cloud-based recruitment and HR practice. The recruits are interns with various GNB departments with a focus on strategic areas of development such as: open data & data visualization, systems thinking, human centred design, citizen engagement and facilitation, prototype design & experimentation, and agile project management. New interns are being provided with mentorship and support to help instill an innovative mindset within GNB and with training opportunities to develop and apply these skills to opportunities and challenges requiring strategic innovation.


  • Renu Dhayagude - Executive Council Office of GNB

  • Mikael Hellstrom - Post-doctoral Fellow - UNBSJ

  • Robert Burroughs - Executive Director - NB Student Alliance

  • Laurie Parris - Executive Director - Multicultural Association of Charlotte County

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