Les Connecteurs

How can we help francophone international students in the IT and health industries find a job in their field and gain Canadian work experience?

This team focussed on improving the awareness of, and ease of accessing, programs that support Francophone International students. This team’s aim was to ensure students were well informed and prepared for life in New Brunswick after graduation, and to provide international students with similar supports as NB residents.

STATUS: Committee formed

UPDATE: This team focused on Francophone international students and did a deep dive into better understanding how to effectively integrate these students into the workforce after graduation. They conducted several focus groups with students and discovered that many students don’t realize the value or necessity of learning about the Canadian workplace culture or learning English until their fourth year which is often too late. This team is made up of many of the stakeholders directly connected with Francophone international students and they subsequently pitched to PETL that they become an advisory council to help recommend and implement ideas. They are currently working on a terms of reference for this council and will present that back to PETL for approval.


  • Leyla Sall - Professor/Researcher - UdeM

  • Lisa Griffin - Ndour International Student Services - UdeM

  • Jean-Claude Bagnah - Account Manager - ACOA

  • Charles Fournier - Economic Integration Agent - CAFI

  • Chantal Lessard - Continuing Education Advisor - Skills Development and Employability - CCNB

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