Learning that is scaleable to other communities

This objective was specifically referring to ideas that were prototyped, the learning that’s happening as a result, and the ability to scale effectively across NB, and beyond. Four of the prototypes are currently scaling their learning and testing in multiple communities.

Capacity for Courage Prototype

This team is actively working to help educators around New Brunswick address the cultural gap between locals and newcomers. Currently they are supporting 25 projects in schools from K-12 across the province in the Anglophone school district. The learning and impact of these projects will be measured and shared with teachers across the school district. Teachers nominated for the Capacity for Courage program will benefit from free training and grants to realize their diversity and inclusion goals in the classroom, and their students will benefit by extension.

Employer Process Improvement Team Prototype

They are actively prototyping a streamlined process to allow employers and potential employees to navigate the government services they need to meet the requirements for hiring and being hired in New Brunswick. The learning from this prototype is scalable to all communities in NB, as employers and employees heavily rely on concierge services to aid their recruitment efforts. With IRCC involved in this prototype the learning could have impact at a national scale.

Community Engagement Prototype

This team is actively building and testing a Cross-Cultural Toolkit, which is a toolkit for supporting newcomer families to have meaningful connection to local communities and combat isolation. This prototype is currently active in several communities, and as this simple yet brilliant concept continues to be refined, it can be applied in any community in NB, or Canada.

Diversity Champions Prototype

This group is working on solutions to bring people together in sensitive ways to build strong understanding between local and newcomer cultures. In the case of Parkton, a marginalized community in Moncton, there are issues with cross-cultural integration of the youth. Newcomers, sometimes refugees, are not understood and have a hard time integrating into New Brunswick and Canadian society. The residents of Parkton will have the opportunity to be involved in placemaking and active citizenship projects.

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