Year 1 and 2

"Collaboration is about achieving results, both in their novelty and scale, together that are otherwise impossible. The complex challenges we face in New Brunswick demand this collaboration to move to the next level. What we have found are new perspectives, promising points of intervention, connections to folks we otherwise would not know or work with. This is the work of systems change. This is the work of transformation.”

“The Lab created space for participants to better understand the complexity of immigration through personal stories and data. They disagreed, agreed, changed minds, and took collective action - a great recipe for breaking down silos and working in complexity! Witnessing those conversations and moments of transition is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

“Guiding teams through the process of developing new ideas to work on is both a challenge and immensely rewarding. The lab participants, most of whom previously did not know each other, formed strong bonds over the workshops and that is essential for the longevity of all the prototypes going forward.”

“It has been so energising to watch the way that participants transform throughout the lab. They transform the way that they approach their work, how they interact with the system, and how they connect with one another. These new ways of relating - to self, to others and to the larger system - have the power to fundamentally change the dynamics of the immigration ecosystem in New Brunswick, and possibly in more profound ways than the prototypes themselves.”

“Prototype teams have to truly believe they are headed in the right direction. If they are sincere in their efforts, driven by passion and conviction, they will put in the time, effort, and rigour required, giving them high quality learning and results.”

“EIL was a process of continuous learning. Participants learned from each other, from communities, from testing prototypes. Our team learned alongside participants, responding to what emerged as the process unfolded. We learned together about the complexity of the bigger picture, and specific changes in different parts of the systems that could have real impact.”

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