Foreign Credential Recognition

(May 2019 intake)

How might we help SME employers understand and recognize how immigrant job seekers competencies meet their job requirements?

  • Jesse Kerpan has been approved by CCNB to officially participate in this project. This comes with access to CCNB professional & student networks and other resources.

  • Phil reported that shortly after our sprint he was contacted by a number of PLAR/FQR organizations from across Canada (including IRCC and CAPLA) with regards to a 10-year review study the feds are conducting into their FQR funding. Until now they have been focusing on professional associations, and preliminary results seem to show poor success rates, therefore they are apparently shopping around for a new approach. When Phil explained the concept of our prototype they were immediately interested and are flying him to Ottawa next week to present more formally.

  • The upshot here is that the concept of approaching FQR from an unregulated, SME, informal qualifications perspective has caught the interest and potential pocketbooks of nationwide stakeholders. We will find out more once Phil meets with them on June 14th. Our team’s goal is to manage expectations and responsibility, as we can’t put the cart before the horse and scale up before we even have a developed value proposition.

  • There are other similar tools around the world (in particular UK and Australia) that will be of great help in our development phase. The UK group has already expressed willingness to share best practices. We will continue research into resources supporting competency & qualification definitions, applications, categorizations, etc.


  • Active, the team is has done another round of prototype testing interviews and are preparing materials to test a simple digital version.

  • Team has received funds from PDC to help with their work

Next steps:

  • Firm up team member & roles (see below) Determine parameters for data collection & research (scope of “qualifications”/”competencies”) – funding support needed

  • Explore digital platform options (market research, programmer & UX input) – funding support needed

  • Team has decided to create a parallel Advisory Committee composed of interested/expert parties that cannot commit to core committee roles.

  • Meet to identify next steps and identify which other partners need to be involved to create an advisory committee


  • Philip Bélanger - Executive Director - Council on Articulations and Transfer of New Brunswick (CATNB)

  • Jesse Kerpan - Coordonnateur - Projets spéciaux et partenariats internationaux - CCNB

  • Shannon Brittany-Pollock - Workforce Strategy Coordinator - Opportunities NB

  • Charles LeBlanc - Manager - Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour

  • Tuy Dinh - Director - PTT Consulting and Trading Corporation

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